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The international Marathon of Bucharest got me stuck in the house! ūüôĀ

Woke up on this freezing Sunday morning with my favorite coffee on my mind. I got in my car, still sleepy and realized there was no traffic today …at least not the regular kind. The streets all around my apartament¬†building were closed for a huge marathon and hundreds of people were running around me instead of cars ūüôā At first, I¬†was bummed saying goodbye in my¬†head to my latte, but decided fast to do my own in the house.¬†

I asked the police officer, who was watching completely absorbed the marathon ( or maybe the pretty¬†girls who were participating :P) what’s going on¬†and¬†he¬†assured me that I won’t be able to move the car before 17.00 …now is 12.00!

Being stuck in the house on a¬†Sunday made me realize something. I opened the¬†laptop on¬†my site and saw¬†that I haven’t been providing exclusive information there in a while.¬†?

Going back to where I started with our story today, I must admit that I’ve never run a marathon, but I love exercize¬†and I¬†know all the benefits¬†that it brings to our lives. I have a few friends that love participating in this long runs¬†and they have described the feeling as extraordinary.qLBEH3JYfbA

Being part of the athletic and gymnastic teams in highschool gave me an ideea about that. 

Sport and exercising are extremely important for our mental and physical health. So I advise you guys to do¬†a few stretching exercises,¬†at least two- three times a week.¬†¬†They are very easy to do in your own house and you don’t need a lot of space.¬†

You can even search on YouTube mini videos with very helpful instructions. There are hundreds or even thousands! 

You can find¬†many reasons to cancel a trip to the gym. The most common is the time you waste¬†in traffic. But you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to do some exercize!¬†

Maybe I’m not the best one to give you advice about this but I can tell you from my own experience¬†. When I’m having dancing rehearsals for my show, I feel more relaxed and confident the whole day after. Not to mention the fact that training your muscles makes your body more harmonious looking so you feel in shape¬†?

Back to the subject of the marathon. Seeing the happy, tired but motivated faces of the people,¬†I¬†realized that running a marathon is inspiring and I’m happy that we are organizing them in Bucharest.¬†

Next year I’ll try it myself …or maybe¬†I’ll start with a half marathon :)))

P.S. Get¬†in the mood to de some exercise with¬†my favorite song for this (‘J’adore’)!


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