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In between my concerts I’ve been busy promoting my latest single ‘Gimme Gimme‘. After Turkey, we went to Chile.
I love going there! I have lovely friends and the people are very nice.
We started the trip with a few problems.
First, my guitarist Claudiu from Romania is afraid of flying (especially a 14 hours flight across the ocean)! If you know about me, you know that I understand fear of flying very well. :))
Second, on the very first day getting there, we took the bikes to go on San Cristobal mountain and Coco sliped on a wet part of the road and broke his arm!
It was crazy! We didn’t know what to do and was very worried about Coco’s arm!
Plus, our program was packed with radios and interviews.
So tour manager with broken arm and no guitarist. What are we gonna do?!
That’s how Diego, the guitarist, got in our team. A cool guy from Chile that we met through my good friend Antonia! Thx Antonia for this! He’s a great person and we’re happy to be friends with him.
And guess what?! Coco with his arm all bandaged didn’t want to go home to Romania. He felt much better the second day and stayed and did the job like nothing happend. He was the funniest DJ during the concert, dancind with his arm in a cast!
On the last day we finally got the chance to relax, walk around the city and took some pictures with the chilean flag hat that I got from my fans (love this hat!! …even used it during the concert!)
Even though we started this promo with a little bad luck, we finished felling like our bond as a team is stronger than ever!

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