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Every year I have a concert in Palma de Mallorca at Titos. It’s one of the clubs I started singing and I always come back! I appreciate the people here very much and they appreciated me from the beginning.

Plus ….it’s in Palma de Mallorca!
How can you not want to come back here every time you have the chance?!

The only thing I don’t really like is the huuuuuge airport. After 2 flights, believe me, you don’t want to walk that much!

We decided to change our normal hotel with a small boutique in the old town. It was beautiful! We had a whole floor just for us. It was like our own private house. The original high ceilings with intricate wooden carvings and original floors were a dream to see. Since this was a very busy month for me, I decided to make the most of every free day. So instead of traveling back to Romania for just one day we stayed and went on a sailing trip!



We woke up early in the morning and prepared everything for this trip. Food, drinks and of course, bathing suits!

The boys were excited to learn a little bit about sailing. Using only the force of the wind to move forward is a way of moving in connection with nature. It is an amazing feeling…
We spend some incredible hours on the boat! Soaking up the sunrays, swimming, snorkeling, reading, drinking, laughing and listening to spanish music.

Our skipper sailed us to a beautiful golf with clear blue water for the sunset. Such a sensory satisfaction gazing at the sunset while on a boat! Even better going to swim in the warm water enjoying the beauty of it!

One small tip from me: a real must is taking a short nap while sailing. The smooth swaying makes it real confortable to fall asleep and you feel like a baby in a swing.

None of us got seasick, even though the boat was swaying constantly, but after 8 hours of sailing, we were exhausted.
I went to sleep satisfied and happy!

See you soon, Mallorca! See you soon, Titos!

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