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I launched my new song “Ruleta” almost 3 months ago!!! Ever since that day it makes 1 million views on YouTube every day! I’m proud of this song and really happy about its evolution until now!



In between concerts, I decided to do a small promo in Turkey to promote “Ruleta”! I love Turkey and my all my Turkish fans! They are always there for me and my music. From my very first song! That’s why, no matter how busy my schedule is, I make sure I visit Istanbul and all the radios that keep me in their ears and hearts.




After so much travel, I got to stay 3 whole days in the same city, same bed, same pillow!






The first day I had just one interview at the hotel. So after that, we went for a night walk around the city. Istanbul is amazing! I feel like layers of history unfold in front of me just walking down it’s streets. I like to walk down the ones that are lined with sidewalk cafes. Everything is brighly colored and people are having fun.







The next day we strated early at NumberOne TV and Radio. I really like coming here. The place is beautiful and the interviews are funny.

This time we did a small contest where the loser had to …. You have to see the interview to understand 😂


Next was Pal Fm, Power Fm and Fenomen Radio. I prepared for them a special acoustic version of “Ruleta”!



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