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INNA – 1 billion views on her own YouTube channel

INNA’s YouTube channel got to more than 1 billion views.

After she received an award from YouTube because she has reached 1 million subscribers (right now, she has more than 1.6 million subscribers), she got to more than 100 million views with two of her videos (“In Your Eyes” feat. Yandel and “Cola Song” feat. J Balvin), INNA establishes a new record and gathers more than 1 billion views on her own channel on YouTube.

Check out her channel here:

As a gift for her fans’ love and support, INNA has dedicated her “Rendez Vous” video and song to them, that is also included on album “INNA”, dropped at the end of 2015.

Watch the video here: INNA – Rendez-Vous


Over the past years, INNA  turned viral a lot of shows of live sessions on YouTube. The most popular are: “Rock the Roof”, where INNA performs on the rooftop on the highest buildings from the most important cities in the world: Paris, London, Mexico City, Istanbul, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Bucharest and also the “Rock the Street”, “Grandma Session”, “On the Road” with videos from INNA’s tour all around the world.

These numbers are impressive. INNA has more views on her YouTube channel than  Robbie Williams (298 million views), Madonna (278 million views), Fergie (508 million views), Nicole Scherzinger (440 million views) or Kylie Minogue (220 million views).


Also, INNA has a huge fanbase in social media. Besides YouTube, she has more than 12 million fans on Facebook, 1 million followers on Instagram and 1 million followers on Twitter.


Recently, INNA performed at Campeche Festival in Mexico, on the same stage as big international artists like Tiesto or Daddy Yankee.


Check out the performance here: INNA @ Campeche Festival, Mexico

INNA will be back in Mexico on 17th of March and Guadalajara on 19th of March and after that she will continue her tour in Europe.

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