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“Sometimes I feel like giving up, but YOU’re the reason, that I’m not leavin’…”
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Promo tour for “Gimme Gimme” and “Fade Away” (my new collaboration with Sam Felt and Lush&Simon) in beautiful Amsterdam!
Had so much fun singing with them at Ziggo Dome! This song has a really good vibe!
You can listen to it here!
Just a couple of days before this, we shot the official video for the song in Barcelona! It’s out and just in case you missed it, I’ll leave you the link right here! Hope you’ll enjoy it!


As for the rest of the days, promoting the song we’ve been to SLAM, 538 and FunX. They are so professional and nice, it’s always a pleasure coming here!



We had only a few hours free during the last day.
I must say this: Amsterdam, I love you!
The lights on the bridges, the flower market, the coffeeshops, parks and churches, museums, the brick buildings, open skyline, rich history and especially, the relaxed easygoing attitude towards life of the people living there are more then enough to fall in love with the place!
The city is tied to the water. It grew around its canals of the Amstel river. Amsterdam is also known as “Venice of the North” and the reason is obvious. The canals are soooo incredible!
And, for the grand finale,  we took the time to try a local beer :)))

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