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First time in the history of Elle Romania (maybe even the whole network of Elle International) when the cover and all the pictures are made not with a professional photo camera but with a mobile phone! …at least that’s what Roxana Voloseniuc, editor in chief for Elle Romania, my friend and stylist said 😉
 Sooo happy to be part of this concept! The phone is practically the most used tool or gadget (however you wanna call it) that you need to communicate on your social networks. It’s what I use.  I’m on my phone everyday, connected with my fans, answering mails and even writing this blog!
Not sure if you already know this but one of my passions is taking pictures with my phone. Whenever I’m out with the girls, they ask for new pictures for their insta! They say I’m the best photographer 🙂
That’s why, doing a cover magazine, even more, the whole photoshoot with a smartphone camera seemed perfectly natural to me. Huawei P10 Plus with his Leica Camera was the perfect choice and the end result as you can see is worthy of our standards!
I just love these pictures! They have a stylish summer vibe that makes me think about what perfect white outfit I’m going to wear on my next holiday. …or at least while I shoot something new on the streets of Barcelona  😉
Thanks to: Sorin Stratulat (Beauty District), Make-up and Beauty Studio, Domnica Margescu, Dan Beleiu, ELLE team & Global Records!

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