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The new ELLE is OUT and it’s my fav cover ever! + Backstage @ Tommy Hilfiger 2018 Milan Fashion Show and my special interview with the icon!


What do people do at fashion weeks?

Searching for online inspiration from Instagram fashion week photos? We all do that!  Sometimes, when I finally look up from my phone, I realise I spent 2 whole hours scrolling through fashion week feeds.
So.. I was, of course,  curious about the fashion week experience.
My schedule is usually pretty hectic, so I cannot attend the fashion shows. But when I was invited as a special guest by ELLE Romania and Tommy Hilfiger for his Fall/Winter 2018 show, I instantly knew I had to be there!

You think anyone with a smartphone can be a fashion blogger or that all that fashion magazines editors do is travel and have fun?  Not really. It’s a lot of work.
I went with my friends and stylists Roxana Voloseniuc and Domnica Margescu from ELLE Romania to Milan.
They were attending fashion show after fashion show, from morning till night, always having to catch the next one and always looking stylish and fresh! If you are a girl, you know that’s not easy!  There are also meetings, interviews and photo shootings, managing photographers, studios, styling and more.
I guess is true that in every field of work you have to be passionate and hard working.

The shows and clothes are incredible and apparently absolutely worth  coming back at the hotel at 2 a.m. in the morning only to start over the next morning. At least if you’re Roxana or Domnica.  As for me, it was a really cool and fun experience and I would definitely do it again, as long as it’s only for one or two days :))  Only music, my concerts and fans can keep me running like this!

Watch my interview with Tommy Hilfiger. OMG I was so nervoussss! And excited in the same time!
The meeting took place just before the show. It was a meeting between two people who love fashion and music. I was impressed by how nice and easy to talk to he is.


Fun fact about him: in high school he was so small he had to sneak weights in his pockets to get on the football team. If this doesn’t show ambition to do the things you feel passionate about no matter the obstacles, I don’t know what does! 🙂
Such an inspiration!

My outfit for the show:

For the show,  Milano Congressi was transformed into a Formula One racetrack. The collection worked great with the racing-themed red, white, black and blue. It was all about cars and beautiful sexy, confident people!  Striped leather trousers, plastic visors and other things I love and wear for my concert outfits (nylon, spandex, chiffon). It felt like a natural match for me.


This  was an ELLE and Tommy Hilfiger project and we did the photo shooting for the coverstory in Milan.
One of the fastest photoshootings ever! In only 4 hours, we finished everything just in time for a traditional Italian lunch.



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