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#Daydreamfestival Puebla, Mexico

UNTOLD2016_0804_172437-7126_LTI love performing and doing my own concerts. Knowing that in front of the stage are my fans, that they all came there to hear my music it’s an incredible feeling! But, from time to time, I get invited to this kind of events, big electronic festivals with DJ’s, like Untold Festival in my own coutry, earlier this year, and Daydream Festival in Mexico, Puebla. This event in Mexico was just as good as the european ones. The main stage was made to look like a medieval castel! ? I’m really happy every time I’m able to attend. It feels great to be around so many people who share the same enthusiasm for this type of music and I love the festivals fun and friendly atmosphere. The people attending them are always so happy with the feeling of eternal summer ? Another big reason is my appreciation for the work and music of DJs. They’re the party starters of this age and sharing the same stage and public with some of the biggest ones is a great experience! Attending some of the biggest festivals of 2016 was a great deal of fun! Even though Daydream came after a very busy period (with lots of other concerts and filming for The Voice Kids in Romania), I enjoyed every second of it!! Here are some pictures and a bonus: memories from Untold Festival in Romania! Besos!

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