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‎Puerto Escondido #Paradise

After 2 shows, Festival Del Globo and Daydream Festival, me and the team were on our way to the last one in Mexico (…for this year. Don’t worry! ?), in Puerto Escondido. We were so happy to hear that it’s a tropical place with great weather and beautiful beaches … even more, it’s one of the best places in the world to surf (that was great news for Coco who is really passionate about learning how to surf) ?✌ We decided to take a well deserved break here! That is …after the concert, off course, which was great!! The stage, the lights and the crowd were amazing! The next couple of days we went to beautiful beaches, we helped baby tortoise reach the ocean, had great coffee made from local coffee roasters.
I enjoyed every second of soaking in the sun! #summergirl
I fell in love with this place and I’m definitely coming back!

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