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www.innaofficial.com site , referred to as “ www.innaofficial.com " , is owned and operated by Empire Music Management SRL company , referred to as "www.innaofficial.com" , with the following identification data: Unique Register EN 25618148 , registered with the Trade Register under no . J13 / 1339/2009 and headquartered in Catedrala Tineretului street, no. 3, Loc. Schitu , Constanta county , Romania , email: shop@innaofficial.com .

Browsing the site www.innaofficial.com equates command followed by reading , understanding and acceptance of the terms below by any customer .

www.innaofficial.com reserves the right to change and update at any moment this site and the terms and conditions of use without any prior notice.

In the case of conflict or disagreement between www.innaofficial.com and Client will apply terms and conditions available at the time of order.

1. Definitions

User - any person who visits the site www.innaofficial.com.

Client - natural person / legal entity that places an order.

Products and Services - any product or service specified in the order, which will be supplied by the Seller, the Customer.

Order - an electronic document that comes as a form of communication between the vendor and the customer whereby the customer expresses his intention to purchase certain products and services and make them pay.

Seller - Empire Music Management SRL company, with the following identification data: Unique Registration Code RO 25618148, registered with the Trade Register under no. J13 / 1339/2009 and headquartered in Catedrala Tineretului Street no. 3 Loc. Schitu, jud. Constanta, Romania.

Contract - An order confirmed by the Seller, the Seller agrees to sell and deliver products and services and the customer agrees to purchase, receive and make payments such products and services.

Courier - any person who performs public or private courier services.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

www.innaofficial.com site’s content: images, text, graphics, scripts, software, design rights, model rights, patents, trademarks, www.innaofficial.com and is fully owned by its suppliers and is defended by the Law on copyright and related rights and intellectual and industrial property laws. Use without the www.innaofficial.com any items listed above be punished according to law. www.innaofficial.com and logo are registered trademarks of www.innaofficial.com www.innaofficial.com.

www.innaofficial.com can provide users / clients, by agreement, may use a form described, a certain content of the site. This agreement applies strictly to the content / contents defined for a period determined in agreement and only for the person / persons who were allowed the use of these contents without being able to use other contents of the site www.innaofficial.com.

Www.innaofficial.com use of any trade names does not constitute advertising for the company. www.innaofficial.com not responsible for and can not be blamed for damages incurred by the use of the website content.

3. Exclusion of liability

www.innaofficial.com not guarantee that the site, which is hosted on servers, or emails sent from www.innaofficial.com have no viruses or other potentially harmful computer components nature, do not contain errors, omissions, failures delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, line failures or any other similar factors. The user uses the site at his own risk, www.innaofficial.com free from any liability for any direct or indirect damages caused by using or accessing / visiting the site or using the information on the site. www.innaofficial.com is not responsible for errors and omissions that may occur in writing or presentation materials on the site.

www.innaofficial.com assumes no responsibility for product descriptions www.innaofficial.com presented on the site, which is available to www.innaofficial.com by suppliers.

The information contained on www.innaofficial.com informative and are provided in good faith from sources which it considers reliable seller. If any of the published articles or other information subject to the Law on copyright and related rights, the user is asked to bring this fact known to the seller at shop@innaofficial.com to be taken necessary legal steps .

Opinions expressed in the contents section of material published reviews are undertaken entirely by the authors of those materials and not solidary The responsibility involves the www.innaofficial.com.

www.innaofficial.com reserves the right to cancel orders for products and services displayed on the site due to technical error, or due to technical errors shows clearly erroneous prices / derisory products (prices they can appreciate as misleading / derisory any buyer with a medium level of training).

www.innaofficial.com, as organizer of the promotional campaigns, assumes no liability for loss or damage voucher campaign is not responsible for counterfeit or damaged vouchers and reserve the right to cancel the voucher used to purchase or decrease its value the amount refunded in case of return according to the law, a participant in that campaign product.

Any links to other websites are provided solely for purposes of accessibility to information and www.innaofficial.com assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of these sites, goods or services advertised or marketed by these sites.

4. Limit access to site 

Site users can comment www.innaofficial.com and any other communications can transmit suggestions, questions or information if their language is civilized and communications content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not disturb in any the private life of others, does not infringe intellectual property rights, does not contain viruses, it does not serve promotional campaigns unrelated to www.innaofficial.com are not mass emails or any other form of spam. People will use a fake e-mail or will transmit electronic messages or other communications on behalf of another natural or legal person or on behalf of any other person will be reported bodies. www.innaofficial.com assumes no responsibility nor will be liable for any compensation for any damage caused by such communications. When sending or posting materials / documents involving texts, replicas, reviews etc formulated by users, is considered as the user guarantees originality and grant www.innaofficial.com and affiliates / associates non-exclusive, unrestricted, free, irrevocable and retransmission to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works and distribute the right, to present the content anywhere in the world by any means. The user guarantees that he has all rights to the content that they transmit it displays the site or by any means, so by using this content, do not cause damage to any third natural or legal entities.

5. The processing of personal data

The categories of personal data processed are: name, sex, date and place of birth, dates of civil status documents, phone / fax, address (home / residence), e-mail, profession, job training, situation family, financial situation, data on property, habits / preferences / behavior, image, voice, data, geolocation / data traffic.

When a user creates an account on www.innaofficial.com will receive commercial communications from www.innaofficial.com only to the extent that has given express consent, selecting the appropriate option.

Data collected on newsletters and alerts are confidential. www.innaofficial.com can select users who will send newsletters and alerts.

According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, modified and supplemented, and Law no. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector, www.innaofficial.com has the obligation to process safely and only for specified purposes personal data of users.

The purpose of collecting personal data is: economic and financial management, advertising, marketing, advertising, statistics, electronic communications services, private customer information on their account statement www.innaofficial.com, informing customers on the status of orders.

Filling the forms on the site Users equates unconditional acceptance that these data be included in the database of www.innaofficial.com and usage and processing of www.innaofficial.com, affiliates and their collaborators for carrying out the activities listed above, including but not limited to providers of marketing services, courier services, payment / banking.

Customers are guaranteed the rights provided by Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, namely the right to information, access to data, the right of intervention, right of opposition, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision, the right to go to court in case of violation of his rights. Customers are entitled to request partial or total deletion of personal data. Customer may request any of the rights listed above on written request, signed and dated before the www.innaofficial.com headquarters.

Refusal to provide such data makes it impossible for fulfilling orders.

If the customer changes their forms on site using personal data supplied by www.innaofficial.com and there are already pending orders, orders retains data from the time of order and product delivery will be made taking into account data modified again.

www.innaofficial.com not require Users by any means of communication (phone / email etc) confidential information, data on bank accounts, passwords, etc. If the user to divulge to third parties, it bears the entire responsibility for his actions. Thus, in cases of disclosure of such data, the user can not www.innaofficial.com you responsible for any damage.

6. Register as a user 

To create an account on the site www.innaofficial.com , the User is obliged to use a valid email address . www.innaofficial.com may refuse the application for registration in situations determines that used false information or use services in a manner contrary to normal practice .

7. Price

The final price paid by the customer consists of product price + shipping costs and / or receipts related . Delivery prices are detailed on the website.

All prices for products and services sold through the site www.innaofficial.com are expressed in RON and Euro and include VAT (20 %).

8. Order

To enable "command with a click", user has to set the details of a preferred control (where to be delivered, the sending and payment) into account, and these settings will be retained and used for each order with a click. These settings can be changed at any time.

The checkout Client guarantees that all data provided is true and accurate, otherwise could suffer the consequences of these errors (backorder, sent the wrong etc).

www.innaofficial.com can not be held responsible for incorrectly entered information, which may result in delivery delays. In this context, all shipping charges performed redispatched Order shall be borne by the Client.

By completing the order, the Customer agrees that a representative www.innaofficial.com contact him by any available means agreed by the parties (e-mail / phone) for personal confirmation of the order.

(This e-mail is just an acknowledgment of receipt of the request command from Your contract to buy these products is not fully completed until we send an e-mail notifying you that the goods were shipped.)

For the comfort and safety of customers, there is the option as long as 30 minutes after placing an order to relinquish command. Thus, if the user who mistakenly placed an order or backtracked, order can be canceled within 30 minutes after placing it. Where payments are made by credit card, the amount of the final payment will be withdrawn from the Client's account only at the end of 30 minutes.

www.innaofficial.com may refuse an order after prior notification to the client, with no obligations between the parties and without a party may claim damages for the following situations: 

• failure / invalidation online transaction; 

• rejection by the issuing bank client / transaction; 

• Customer's incorrect or incomplete data; 

• Client activity can damage the site www.innaofficial.com / partners; 

• consecutive failed deliveries; 

• other objective reasons: if the client does not guarantee that the mode of payment is valid and that is not obtained by a method fraudulent or there are suspicions about the payment method. 

Despite all measures taken for the information presented on this site is accurate and correct, www.innaofficial.com shall not be liable for inaccuracies that may occur in completing the Customer forms the site for checkout. Users are responsible for evaluating the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information provided in the forms available on this site. In some cases and for justified reasons, www.innaofficial.com reserves the right to change the quantity of goods and / or services in order. In these situations www.innaofficial.com will notify the customer by e-mail or telephone number made available to the Seller at the checkout and return the amount paid. The contract is concluded between the Client and www.innaofficial.com upon receipt by the Client from www.innaofficial.com via email and / or SMS notification of shipment of the order.  If a good and / or service ordered by the Customer can not be delivered by www.innaofficial.com, we pledge to inform the client of this fact and return the Client's account equivalent value of the asset and / or services within within 14 days of the date on which www.innaofficial.com acknowledges this fact and the date on which the Client has expressly stated its intention to terminate the Contract.

9. Billing - pay

The price , method of payment and the payment date specified in the Order . Seller will issue to the Client an invoice for products and services delivered , the client's obligation is to provide all necessary information invoice according to legislation.

Payment can be made online (card or paypal ) or cash .

10. Guarantee

For products purchased online store www.innaofficial.com ensure guaranteed under warranty certificate for each product. Ensure legal entity that provided guarantees on the warranty of the product.

To qualify for the warranty, the Customer must:

• the product was bought from www.innaofficial.com and used only for the purpose for which it was designed;

• Follow the manual and use the product according to instructions issued by the manufacturer;

• to keep the warranty certificate and tax document with which to purchase;

• keep the original packaging and all accessories that came in it, and they came with the product warranty.

Place presentation to benefit the guarantee is specified on the warranty. Unless otherwise stated, the cost of transport is borne by the customer. Causes of loss guarantee:

• mechanical damage or deterioration; Excessive exposure to sunlight; lack or changing the serial number; changes in product;

• Product failure due to failure instructions for use, transport, handling and installation provided in the user manual;

• flooding, fire, sunlight, lightning, changes or improper installation, unauthorized intervention;

www.innaofficial.com no warranties customer:

• if the purchased product is not suitable requirements or customer expectations;

• After the time for which the seller provides product warranty;

• if the replacement of non-conforming products or components is not possible to, including due to lack of equipment or related technology.

All other provisions contained in the legislation in force, to ensure products sold are valid. Customer rights are stipulated in legislation. The guarantee does not extend to damage caused by using the product.

11. Delivery

Estimated date of delivery can vary by product and product page is displayed in the order page and in e-mail or telephone order confirmation.

For all categories of products, the maximum delivery is 30 days after order confirmation.

For foreign customers, the final price of the order will be communicated by e-mail or telephone, and delivery will be made after explicit acceptance of this price.

For products in stock, delivery will be made according to client option, by courier or personal lifting (available in the checkout page). Registration Order and Courier takeover by an interval of 12-24 hours. Any further delay will be communicated to the Customer and will agree with this new delivery period which may not exceed the maximum period stipulated above.

Careful! Because of the very short order processing, it is impossible operation changes to orders already placed.

If the goods are unavailable (including if the price or some characteristics of the products have undergone further alterations order confirmation) will inform the client about the unavailability www.innaofficial.com and the amounts that he has paid will be reimbursed within 14 days. The customer can confirm modifications on price or product features, thus modifying the initial order and www.innaofficial.com will deliver the goods according to the amended Order.

For products that are not in stock, the Customer agrees to deliver a product www.innaofficial.com price and quality equivalent to those required. If the customer exercises his right of withdrawal within 30 days of receipt of goods, the costs of returning the goods are borne by the Client.

If the customer places an order that contains items from different suppliers in terms of delivery, they will be considered different packages and will be highlighted as such on site in order page. They have different delivery deadlines. Transportation fee applies for each parcel separately.

11.1 Delivery

At the request www.innaofficial.com or the Courier, the Customer is required to prove his or her identity, if required by one or more acts of official authorities and will communicate the order number assigned by the Seller.

If the client is unable personally Order receipt, order will be left to the state only a person older than 18 years and only the communication by courier, order number.

No request for delivery of orders will not be honored if the customer can not meet the above conditions.

If the delivery for the Customer is at work, in which case courier can not access that location, the Customer must ensure that can receive this command.

The customer will be contacted by the courier in order to obtain confirmation of its presence at selected time and time order validation on site.

Customer undertakes to be present at the delivery address indicated in the selected time interval, otherwise it will Supor shipping fee related to a possible new deliveries. The Schedule may be amended, after selection, only with the courier.

Delivery is deemed met by www.innaofficial.com, when the goods ordered by the Customer ar being receptioned at his choice at the time of order.

11.2 Reception of goods

Customer undertakes to sign the delivery note ( AWB ) presented by the Romanian / International courier or mail delivery of ordered products , which is attached and tax receipts containing all the information about the products delivered ( product name , quantity, price ) . Also , the Client will check if the products are damaged or if there are gaps and potential problems will be mentioned in the delivery note handwritten way to be considered.

By signing the delivery note Client acknowledges receipt in good condition and fully ordered products .

12. Promotional campaigns

12.1 Coupon

www.innaofficial.com coupon codes offered by any promotions are exclusive to said section in the code of the e- mail transmission , unless otherwise stated . It is worth mentioning that some products are included in the " Exceptions " that produced codes can not be applied , but are purchased at the price displayed on the site. The coupon can only be used when ordering , they can not be used to reduce the amount of your order once it is placed.

One order can only use one promotional code, page order does not allow the use of multiple codes in the same order. For eligibility of a promotion not consider the value of transport, unless otherwise stated. Promotions whose object gratuity or reduce the cost of transport applies for each delivery.

If the coupon code has been applied to an order which could not be honored or was canceled for any reason, the customer has the right to request reactivation promo code being, only in writing, by e-mail to shop@innaofficial.com, containing the order ID, its status, the customer promotional code. They reactivate a maximum of 30 days.

Careful! Promotions www.innaofficial.com not be cumulated between them, apply the highest reduction. This is true for any form of reduction (loyalty cards, promotional codes, gift vouchers, percentage discounts on site, etc.) as a rule, except when otherwise stated in the promotion. Also, in case of percentage vouchers, voucher holder of such can not benefit from cumulative reduction conferred by applying a percentage to reduce existing voucher in a promotion. Certain promotional campaigns can not be cumulated with other discounts, promotions or loyalty actions. This is specified in the rules that campaign.

www.innaofficial.com determined unilaterally or in collaboration with selected suppliers of its regulations on promotions and competitions organized by them www.innaofficial.com, are published exclusively on the site. Promotions are implemented controls that fully comply with the rules posted on the website within the validity period spelled out in stock. www.innaofficial.com not guarantee availability of stock products for the entire period of promotion and withdraw the promotion without prior notice.


In the case of a promotional campaign organized by www.innaofficial.com, as organizer reserves the right to discontinue promotional campaign at any time during the course of it , has previously informed consumers by means of appropriate communication ( posting on the site , signage shops, etc. ) .

The organizer reserves the right to modify any of the conditions laid down in the rules that campaign , during the campaign , for good reason , but not before notifying the public about these changes .

12.3 Vouchers / coupons / promotional codes

12.3.1 General Provisions

 Voucher = promotional code, promotional coupon.

Each voucher is identified by a code of voucher and has different requirements to be valid and enforceable. Please check carefully all details and information on the discount voucher so you can be granted.

The value of each voucher is specified on it.

Transport and handling charges apply to any product purchased, regardless of whether the value in promotions, etc. not otherwise specified regulations. Thus, if a voucher enforce a minimum purchase value of products, shipping charges, handling etc shall also apply to those products. A voucher can not be used to pay taxes, delivery charges, handling and other services, unless otherwise agreed.

Any article, regardless of promotion will have a minimum value, elephants can not market products with zero value.

The customer will pay tax that is required by law depending on the promotion.

Vouchers are valid only if used on site www.www.innaofficial.com.

Vouchers prohibited by law will be considered void.

Vouchers are not for resale and can not be converted to cash.

Vouchers can not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.

All provisions relating to fraud, www.www.innaofficial.com mentioned on the site are fully applicable as regards related fraud and attempted fraud vouchers will be disclosed to authorized bodies.

12.3.2 Application conditions

Each voucher will be limited so as not admit more vouchers on IP address / from the same address.

Any promoter that apply discount vouchers is limited to one voucher per person or legal entity (identified as a customer / user / user).

Each voucher is limited to one use and is valid for a limited period of time, as will be stated in the Terms and Conditions, the mail offering voucher and user account the "vouchers" or as stated in each promotion / offer in hand. www.innaofficial.com reserves the right to modify or cancel these vouchers at any time, with prior notification to clients.

No voucher can not be applied to other promotions / offers except those strictly mentioned in tenders.

If the products that was given voucher for the customer qualifies for the grant were not acquired the promotional voucher may not be applicable. For example, vouchers granted to certain products which are subsequently canceled / returned by the customer can be considered valid, if they have effects applied to those products only reduces payment.

The voucher applies only to products / categories expressly mentioned as eligible for the promotion. Products that are excluded from the promotion are communicated terms and conditions or specific regulations or special offers in the "exceptions". These exceptions include products which by law can not be sold with discount.

Promotional offers can not be cumulated in the same order. Only one discount voucher can be used per order.

In case of orders that contain several products, discount voucher value is allocated to each product depending on the weighted value of that product in the total value of the order, excluding shipping charges, handling and other services.

Any voucher will be valid from the date of application as reduction already made to order. A voucher can not be applied on an order placed in the past.

12.3.3 Cancellations, denied , return order

When returning goods purchased with the voucher , discount granted will be deducted from the value return.

If an order which applied the discount voucher is canceled , rejected or fully returned , the customer will fully refund the amount paid and the voucher will lapse and will not be reactivated.

If an order which applied to reduce the voucher and contains many products is canceled , rejected or returned to the party , the discount granted by applying the voucher can not be applied to other products remained in command if order value does not meet the offer / promotion. Www.innaofficial.com will not repay the amount allocated from voucher for your canceled, rejected or returned as part of a command with multiple products . The customer will be refunded the amount paid for this product .

13. Return Policy . Right of withdrawal

13.1 General Conditions

International shipping  and orders delivery in Romania will cost back to the customer . Products may be returned by any courier company that provides package delivery , return to warehouse trader. The address to send parcels return is Putul lui Zamfir Street, no. 36, Bucharest, Romania, postal code 011684 .

In case of withdrawal from the contract , the customer is obliged to return products purchased within 14 days of the date of withdrawal from the contract.

13.1.1 Methods and terms of product return

Customer undertakes to notify www.innaofficial.com intention to return products purchased through e-mail shop@innaofficial.com or return the facility to make returns online you can find user account in within 14 calendar days of receipt of goods. Otherwise, www.innaofficial.com refuse the package.

The information required to be provided for sending courier www.innaofficial.com are:

• date of dispatch of the package;

• Order number;

• amount returned;

• the address where the parcel courier to take over the return;

• desired payment method (bank account details or shopping voucher equivalent to the amount of returned products).

On receipt of information regarding the customer's intention to return, www.innaofficial.com make a request to the courier and send the courier at the address indicated in the notice of the customer to pick up the package returned. Transport costs of the package / s returned not the responsibility of the customer, these will be assumed by Www.innaofficial.com.

13.1.2. Conditions product return

In any case of product return, they must be in the same condition they were sent to the customer in original packaging with tags intact and with all documents which accompanied him (invoice, warranty etc.). Returned products must be in the same condition as at the reception: flawless (except the hidden flaws and defects already signaled Client except in correspondence with www.innaofficial.com).

In accordance with applicable law, www.innaofficial.com reserves the right not to accept returned products which by their nature can not be returned or are liable to degrade (perishable) often deteriorate rapidly, such as lingerie products , swimwear, hosiery and cosmetics unsealed, food. On each product page there is information on the possibility of return. Products constituting one set must be returned as a set.

Please complete the form and return late in the 14th calendar day after the date of delivery, requests after this date will not be considered.

All the products we returned must be in the same condition in which you received. You must return the products in original packaging accompanied by original labels intact, original warranty card and all documents which you were delivered.

Also, if the goods delivered were accompanied by possible gifts in return must return gifts.

If you have purchased multiple products of the same type and return them all, only one of the products may be unsealed.

We do not accept returns if the products meet at least one of the conditions below:

 - Unauthorized interventions were carried out on the product;

 - Were damaged or incomplete packaging;

 - Have traces of wear or excessive use;

 - Scratches, flaws, shocks or jolts mechanical / electrical;

 - Have all received accessory package;

 - Has any stated on the product;

 - The product was part of a special order, special order is not usually part of the Supplier's stock but can be supplied on a firm basis and an advance payment;

 - Activated OEM licenses;

 - Meet one of the specific conditions depending on product type.

13.1.4 Deadlines money back

For full command returns , the client receives money for products returned within 14 calendar days of the date on which www.innaofficial.com customer is informed about his decision to return the products .

After validating the return , the customer can receive choice, value of the products as a voucher that you can use within 30 days of confirmation of receipt by return www.innaofficial.com . After this date, the coupon loses its validity .

13.2 Right of withdrawal

According to the Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts with professionals and amending and supplementing certain acts, Customer urmaroarele rights and obligations relating to the withdrawal of distance contract:

The customer has the right, before the expiration of the withdrawal period, to withdraw from the contract without having to justify the decision to withdraw without incurring any costs other than those stipulated in Article 13 para. (3) and Article 14 of GEO no.34 / 2014 within 14 days from the day they enter the physical possession of the product. Return costs are borne by the Client.

Customer agrees to return only those products that are in the same condition in which they were delivered (in original packaging with all accessories, with labels intact and documents accompanying him). We do not accept product return which shows physical changes shots, chipping, scratches, shock, signs of excessive use and / or unauthorized interventions etc.

Customer will refund your purchase price Www.innaofficial.com within 14 (fourteen) days from the date the information was made by the Customer to Www.innaofficial.com regarding its decision to withdraw from the contract.

 Www.innaofficial.com product reimbursement may postpone until receipt of the product sold or until receipt of proof it was sent.

According to the law they are exempted from the right of withdrawal

• contracts for services, where the provision of all the services, if performance has begun with the prior express consent of the Client and after he confirmed that he is aware of the fact that he loses his right of withdrawal after complete execution of the Contract by the Seller ;

• provision of goods and / or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market that Seller can not control and which may occur during the withdrawal;

• supply of goods made by Buyer's specifications or clearly personalized;

• The supply of goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

• supply of sealed goods which can not be returned for reasons of health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed by the Buyer;

• supply of goods which are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items;

• supply of alcoholic beverages whose price agreed upon conclusion of the contract, the delivery of which can not be performed before 30 (thirty) days and the actual value of which depends on fluctuations in the market that Seller can not control;

• contracts where the customer has specifically requested the seller to go to his home to carry out urgent repairs or maintenance. If, during such visits, the Seller provides services in addition to those specifically requested by the Buyer or goods other than replacement parts necessarily used in carrying out the maintenance or repair, the right of withdrawal shall apply to those additional services or goods ;

• provision of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed computer software which were unsealed after delivery;

• supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications;

• supply of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with the prior express consent of the Client and after he confirmed that he is aware of the fact that he loses his right of withdrawal. These limitations apply OUG 34/2014 under art. 16.

13.3 Exercise of the right of withdrawal

If the client request the withdrawal of the Contract within the legal deadline to withdraw from the contract if the order is paid , Www.innaofficial.com is obliged to return the amount within 14 (fourteen ) days of the date the information by the Client regarding the decision to withdraw from the contract . The amount will be refunded as follows :

a. for orders paid by card - > the refund in the account from which payment was made ;

b . for orders paid by bank / cash / iTransfer / Card bancar- > by bank transfer ;

c . for orders paid with consumer credit - > Undo / recalculation rate agreement .

d . The customer will inform www.innaofficial.com regarding its intention to withdraw from the contract by filling product return customer account .

14. Force majeure

None of the contracting parties can not be held liable for non-performance (total / partial) or delay in performance of its obligations if they were caused by force majeure. The Parties shall immediately bring to know if a force majeure and will take all necessary measures to limit the consequences of the event.

If within 15 days the force majeure continues, the parties have the right to cancel the contract without claiming damages .

Force majeure will be calculated according to the law .

15. Conflict resolution . Applicable Law 

The contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with Romanian law . Any conflict between www.innaofficial.com and Customers will be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, the first way is mediation settlement , the law, and if that fails resort to the competent Romanian courts doorstep .

16. Fraud

Creating multiple accounts using such addresses automatically generated and which expire after a predefined period , in order to qualify for promotions or offers , or conduct fraudulent able to affect the smooth running of campaigns is prohibited and will be considered an attempt of fraud . Www.innaofficial.com site owner reserves the right to suspend accounts thus created and to withdraw rewards of being promotions or offers , to cancel the account without notice , notification , or compensation other formalities .

Any attempted fraud or fraud (such as but not limited to : access customer data www.innaofficial.com alteration website content , seeking impaired www.innaofficial.com server performance , hijacking of content delivery to third parties etc ) will be punished under criminal law .

17. Final 

If any of the above will be found null and void , this will not affect other clauses. Updated on 18.12.2015 : Empire Music Management SRL - www.innaofficial.com .


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